1-day Acuvue Moist


*DISCLAIMER: All customers purchasing contact lenses must have their eye health checked at our outlet before the lenses can be dispensed. We will contact you shortly after you’ve placed your order to arrange an appointment. Full refund (subtract transaction fees) will be given should there be any event that eye check is not possible.* 

*Please contact us at 9824 1607 for exclusive price if you purchase more than 4 boxes*

4 boxes @ $200

8 boxes @ $370

12 boxes @ $530



Benefits With ACUVUE® revolutionary LACREON™ technology that locks* in moisture, eyes feel fresh & comfortable all day long.
Vision Correction Myopia: Distant objects appear blurry.
Hyperopia: Near objects appear blurry. Blur can also occur when viewing distant objects.
Replacement Schedule Daily wear, daily replacement
Fresh pair everyday for great comfort and convenience.
Package Size 30 lenses/box
  • -0.50D to -6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
  • -6.50D to -12.00D (in 0.50 steps)
  • +0.50D to +6.00D (in 0.25 steps)
Internationally recognised UV Blocking Lenses 97% UV-B and 82% UV-A
Internationally recognized High UV protection standards.
Visibility Tint/Inside-Out Indicator Contact Lenses are lightly tinted blue so you can spot them in your lens case and inserting lenses correctly every time is as easy as following the 1-2-3 mark.


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