Our Specialty Services

Ortho-K Vision Correction

Ortho-K contact lenses mold the cornea as you sleep to give you clear vision in the day without any spectacles or contact lenses and slow down myopia progression in kids!

Myopia Control Clinic

Myopia is a condition that may increase the risk of blinding ocular diseases later in life.

However, a patient should get qualified medical assistance in order to achieve the desired safety level and minimize the risk of unwanted misuse outcomes.http://www.rxoncanadian.com

Taking genetic, environment and personal factors into consideration, we will provide most appropriate treatment options for the kids.

Glaucoma & Ocular Disease Screening

Eye disease like glaucoma and retinal diseases become more common as we get older. Early screening. Early Detection. Early Treatment.

Vision Assessment

Vision assessment is important to achieve clear vision for far and near. A 6-month routine vision check is vital for youths/kids below 16 years old.

Contact Lenses Fitting

We specialise in the fitting and management of different types of contact lenses. Fitting a pair of lenses with the right curvature would be more comfortable and healthy for our eyes.

Red Eye Treatment

If you have an eye infection or inflammation, see us right away! Our optometrists will provide suitable management to help you with your condition.

State-of-the-art Optometric Equipment

Our optometrists are trained in the latest leading-edge optometric equipment to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency in our tests and diagnosis. View all the technology we’re currently using here.

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