Meet Our Optometrists

  • Ken Tong

    BSC in Optometry (USA)

    “I believe that regular eye examination is the key to improving the quality of one’s life as it helps prevent damage to vision brought about by diabetes and other sight-threatening eye diseases.”

  • Tey Jit Yang
    Tey Jit Yang OPTOMETRIST

    Dip in Optometry

    “Clinical optometry is the way to go to raise awareness of the importance of comprehensive eye examinations, where many sight threatening diseases could be detected early and referred for treatment.”


Many lose their vision to preventable eye conditions, but this is avoidable through early detection and early treatment. This is our story, our purpose and our why to who we are.

Visual Check: Chief Complaint Address
Assessment of Eye-Teaming and Muscle/Nerves Innervation
Front of eye: Cataract, Dry Eyes, Pterygium (UV-Related), Contact Lens related complications
Back of eye: Retina Image Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD, Glaucoma
Eye Pressure Assessment: Glaucoma-Related
Assessment Plan and Advice

Optometrists are healthcare professionals who provide primary vision care, ranging from sight testing and correction, to checking the anterior and posterior part of the eyes, with a proper diagnosis  followed by a treatment and management for certain eye complains.

At, we are dedicated to improving lives with primary eye care, knowing that many eye conditions have no signs/symptoms but can be detected early and eradicated through eye health tests. We offer comprehensive eye examinations and advocate yearly primary eye tests over the mere prescription of optical appliances. We offer genuine advice on the right eye care and solution to optimise your vision, based on your lifestyle and needs.

Our team of qualified optometrists are well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you eradicate preventable eye diseases and let you have control over your health and vision.

Your eye health is our top priority. Your happiness is our happiness.

Our Mission
For all Singaporeans (and the rests of the world) to know the importance of primary eye care, and to go through comprehensive eye examination yearly.

Our Vision
Improving Lives with Primary Eye Care

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