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Technology used in embrace the help of cutting-edge technology to benefit every patients. Our Optometrists’ examination room is arguably one of the best equipped.

Our instrument includes:


Corneal Topography

This instrument is essential for specialty contact lens fitting and dry eye assessment as it accurately measures the dexterity and shape of the cornea. This is extremely useful to monitor the changes in the corneal shape when our patient is going through the orthokeratology treatment.


Eye Pressure Measurement

Monitoring the eye pressure of an individual is extremely important in an eye examination. Eye pressure is closely related to a condition of the eye known as glaucoma which is bad for the visual field of an individual.


Automated Vision Testing

We are equipped with a computerised chart and automated vision-assessing instrument to ensure our measurement of our patient prescription are as accurate as possible


Digital Slit Lamp Microscopy

Our optometrists use this microscope to assess our patients’ eyes at high magnification and take a picture as a record. Using this we will be able to assess and monitor condition like cataract, conjunctivitis and contact lens complication.


Fundus Camera (Retinal Screening)

A fundus camera is a piece of important equipment as it enables our retina to be screened. We will be able to investigate if there is any retinal issues or ocular diseases.

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